Our Background

At M. Craftsman, we believe good design can add great pleasure to life. Every product we bring to the market is made with innovative ideas, technical rigour and industrial expertise.

Our founder came from a family of entrepenuers, who started a consumer electronic company three decades ago and went on to create the genre-defining electronic translator — INSTANT DICT, and transformed it into a popular household item across families in Hong Kong and beyond. The company also manufactures for SHAPE and CASIO. Our expertise came from over 30 years of experiences and our innovative spirit runs in the family.

Our latest product PODCHAIN PRO was designed to take the experience of using true wireless earphones, be it listening to music, communication, gaming or exercising, to the next level.

We spend so many hours on our earbuds each day, so a seemingly small change in the way we carry them can make a real difference on a day-to-day level. The charging case seems inconvenient for many and we wanted to offer a stylish alternative, thus the PODCHAIN PRO was born.