PodChain Pro [Update]

Our IndieGogo Campaign has just ended. Thank you all for being a part of our incredible journey! Because of your support, we are able to start mass producing.
Since this campaign is set with a flexible goal, we will send out the product to our backers no matter how much we have raised. Our priority is to stand by our commitments, deliver what we promised to you, and keep you updated on our progress.
Here’s another article from Ceotect.it that features PodChain Pro beautifully in detail. If you or your friends/family who would be interested in buying PodChain Pro, it’s not too late!
It will be on regular sale on our official website soon. Stay tuned.
PodChain Pro by Ceotect.it
Feel free to contact us cs@mcraftsman.co.uk if you have any questions in the interim. Thanks again for your support!