PodChain Pro


The World’s First Wearable Charger for Airpods/ Airpods Pro

Keep The Music Playing

Walking through the city, doing sport, or at work. The PodChain PRO is designed to never leave you alone: it extends your battery life up to 16 hours more! To feel the beat as long as you want.

With You, Anytime You Need It

You can handle your entire day just with the PodChain PRO & the AirPods, without running the risk of losing your AirPods: they will just stay around your neck and make you look cool.

You don't need to carrying around the storage case all the time or fumbling through the bags and pockets to dig it out when the phone ring. 

Keep Your Meeting Power On

In the current situation, video conference becomes our daily life and it could be never-ending! PodChain PRO allows you to keep your AirPods PRO and AirPods charged through the long meeting and even throughout the day.  

You can charge and use it at the same time.

An Accessory That Meet Your Personality

The chain is made of a high-quality rope and comes in 4 different colors and styles(Only All Black is Available Currently).

Each one is combined with carefully selected ropes to braid together in fresh, vivid, and trendy colors.

Plug. Lock. Charge.

In just one click with a secure magnet, your earbuds will always be with you even when you take them off temporarily.

All by the unique MagLock Charging System -- a magnet suction that connects the earbuds and the chain in one easy click while recharging immediately.

It locks tight but detaches easily.

It is now a patent-pending creation- and a unique charging solution for Airpods that provides an easier, better, and more convenient alternative. 

An important innovation that redefines the charging method of truly wireless earbuds.


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