M.Beads Phone Bracelet - Earl Grey


The Art of Accessorizing

High-quality Japanese beads x British design x hand-made craftsmanship - elevating the aesthetics of mobile phone chains to create a fashionable art piece for daily wear.

M.Beads mobile phone bracelet is handmade with Japanese MIYUKI beads. The designer makes use of the different shapes, characteristics and colours of the beads to create 24 unique styles in three series: Flower, Tree & Tea series. Upgrade your daily mix-and-match with a touch of artistry.

The buckle is made of stainless steel, firmly holding your mobile phone and complementing the bead bracelet. High-grade American bead thread is used to put it all together, which can bear a maximum load of 5kg, making it beautifully safe.

Works with All Phone Cases

Our ingenious new design works with any phone case that has a small charging hole.

Beads Lock - Elegant, Patented Design with Enhanced Durability

M.Beads is now paired with the new connector Beads Lock, using stainless steel for enhanced durability and top performance against the wear and tear of daily use. The fresh new invention complements the shape and texture of the beads with its elegant design.Our innovative patented design is made with usability in mind, so it’s super simple to use: open the round shape cover and pull out the T-shaped buckle along the cross rail. Install it into the phone case and buckle it securely without blocking the charging hole.

High Quality MIYUKI Beads from Japan

Our beads are all purchased from MIYUKI FACTORY in Japan. MIYUKI is a long-established Japanese bead manufacturer with a history of over 80 years. Japan's bead manufacturing and processing technology is among the top in the world, and MIYUKI's products are characterized by their quality and delicate colour gradation, that is also full of uniqueness which are highly praised both domestically and internationally.

After a long period of careful study, our designers understood the different characteristics of each bead, selected the most suitable and beautiful combination from more than 15,000 MIYUKI beads of different colours, shapes and materials, and designed 24 elegant mobile phone bracelets, hung on the mobile phone and wrapped around the wrist, giving you an eccentric spark and artistic look.

3 Series:

Flower Series: Taking flowers as the concept, the combination of the beads’ colours are rich and lively, like blooming flowers in the spring.

Tree Series: Taking trees as inspiration, pairing dark earthy shades with gold and metallic elements, giving a sense of subtle luxury.

Tea series: As elegant as tea, with a subtle feel and low-key touches of colour.

Each series contain 8 choices, all of which are hand-strung one by one, full of skillful thought. The steel wire is also specially imported from the US, greatly increasing the strength and comfort to hang on your mobile phone.

Inside the M.Beads Package:

  • Beads chian X1 in 34-36cm (based on the different types and sizes of the individual bead)
  • Beads Lock X1