Wireless charger | Powering Set (MagSafe Compatible)


Keep Charging, Keep Supporting

The brand new ultra-thin magnetic wireless charger PoweRing with MagRing holder easily attaches and detaches to your phone with MagSafe, letting you charge wirelessly at infinite angles.

The elegant design lets you hold your phone securely and comfortable while charging wirelessly. Whether you’re having a video call or watching a movie, leaving your phone on the table or holding it on hands - it all feels more convenient.

MagRing can also be used individually. Simply attach it to the back of the phone with MagSafe and place your phone on the table at any angle stably.

Ultra-thin Light Design - PoweRing is made by aluminium just 4.5mm thick, so it attaches to your phone seamlessly. It rotates 360° so the power cable won’t get in the way of holding your phone.

Powerful Magnetic Force- the strong magnetic feature ensures it attached to the back of phone securely.

The Breathe Lighting indicates the charging speed - 1.5 second flash is fast charge, 3 seconds is medium speed and 6 second is slow charge*.

*Charging speed changes according to phone model and it’s temperature while charging.

Metal Removal Warning - if the charging pack is touched by any metallic material, the breathe lighting will flash quickly and stop charging as a precaution.

PCB board and the Wireless Charging Coil pack is separate – to enhance heat dissipation while charging.

Package including MagRing Holding Stand^ - attaches to PoweRing Wireless Charger to place on table while charging, making it very convenient to use the screen. You may also put your fingers through the ring to hold the phone single-handedly, comfortable and hassle-free.

^MagRing can be used individually without the wireless charger. 

Compatible with MagSafe for iPhone 12 or any later models.

Available in Metallic Grey and Sliver.

The characteristic of PoweRing Magnetic Wireless Charger

  • Input: 5V⎓ 1A、9V⎓ 1.2A、12V⎓ 1.5A
  • Output: 15W max (for Qi enabled devices), 7.5W for iPhone series
  • Cable Length: 1.2M
  • Thickness: 5.7mm
  • USB-C