【Stylish X Functional】Spice up your Summer outfit - Yoggle

If you need your phone handy all the time, but your hands are always full and you have no pockets…
If you love hiking, or Yama Style is your thing…
If you’re a new mom, you’re taking good care of your kid but also need to grab your phone anytime…
If you love fashion and you’re looking for new accessories to play with…

Have you ever thought a phone strap would be a good partner? Yoggle Crossbody Phone Strap

Whether you’re shopping, going to work, running errands, hiking, travelling, got a child in your arms…you always find yourself needing your phone by your side, but your hands are constantly busy and the last thing you’d want is to lose your phone, our Crossbody strap will provide you with a lot of ease.

But how does one make the perfect Crossbody phone strap?

1. Diameter of the rope, flexibility, density of the weaving

The perfect thickness and softness hangs comfortably on your body, it becomes one with whatever you’re wearing. A high density means that it’s solid and safe, and makes you want to carry it around all the time.

Yoggle Attenborough Yellow Brown

2. Selecting original colour combinations

When a brand wants to create unique colours, they need a good weaving factory. But when you want to keep testing and experimenting, factories are often unwilling to make only a few products through this complex procedure.

So if you happen to find your love at first sight, don’t miss out!

Yoggle Crossbody Strap Colours

3. Attaches to YOUR phone case

Most phone straps on the market requires you to use their phone case instead of making use of the one you already have. It would be ideal for it fit any existing phone case.

Yoggle Crossbody Phone Strap

4. Simple, timeless design

A simple design means the least number of components required to make a whole.

Choose a strap that has no unnecessary parts, made with delicate craftsmanship and distinctive colours that will add a trendy and individual touch to your outfit.

Outfit idea 1: Make your white t-shirt more interesting

We all know the white t-shirt is timeless. And it can go with just about anything and it will create a strong contrast with a black strap. (Pictured: Yoggle- The Nolan)

Outfit idea 2: The everyday luxury of a suit with black and goldYoggle Crossbody Phone Strap Chaplin

Black and gold is one of our most popular colours. It’s subtle yet luxurious, and looks great with a classic suit. (Pictured: Yoggle- The Chaplin)

Outfit idea 3: Casual summer shirtYoggle Crossbody Phone Strap Connery

Following the rhythm of summer, red and blue can add a pop of colour to any outfit. With a light coloured shirt, you get the elegance and the stylish dynamic. (Pictured: Yoggle- The Connery)

Yoggle’s unique locking mechanism

Yoggle Crossbody Phone Strap PhoneLock

Our distinctive design is that our PhoneLock is inserted through the charging gap of your phone case and into the strap. It’s easy to take off and put on, and it doesn’t block your charging port.

Yoggle Crossbody Phone Strap PhoneLock

Another detail is that the screw lock attached to the strap is made by CNC (computer numerical control), meaning that every piece is made individually rather than a set of molds. This makes the production more complicated, but it means extra precision and detail.

The names for each colour of Yoggle

Yoggle Crossbody Phone Strap

All weaving patterns and colours are the original creations of M.Craftsman.

In every four-colour weaving, it starts from that thick Pantone bible, and the efforts of our designers’ continual experimenting, then collaborating with the factories, sampling and testing one after another…taking one step after the other to find the final solutions. 

Yoggle Crossbody Phone Strap names

These are the colours of our first edition, and the idea is “Legends” , named after the legends of English culture that we respect and admire.

Christopher Nolan, the one and only director of Batman, Interstellar and so on; Sir David Attenborough, the great face and voice of natural awareness and documentaries…

Can you tell who the rest of them are?