In 2010 a group of designers with passion came together to form M.CRAFTSMAN Design Studio. The goal was to use their experiences in music, movie, fashion and designs, to make timeless and quality mobile accessories.

Originating from Sunderland, the North East city of England, where old English craftsmanship is not only a tradition, it is a passion. At M.Craftsman we believe that no detail is too small, no creative and material choice is too challenging, and no technology is too big of a hurdle. 

Attention to the details and the emphasis on design is embodied in “a touch of modern classics”.

In 2012 the devoted efforts were recognised and rewarded the European Reddot design award. And the products are also often mentioned prominently in the U.S. social media.

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If you are interested in M.Craftsman products for corporate gifts, incentives, and promotions, want to customize your brand's name or logo on our product for your gifting needs, please email us at for details. Our sales team will be in touch.

We also actively looking for distribution and retail partners around the world. If you are a retail location and interested in carrying M.Craftsman’s product, or want to become our distributor/wholesaler especially in North America, Europe or Asia, please reach out to