Why did we create PodChain Pro

Sometimes when you are listening to your music or in a long phone call, you just need to quickly take off your true wireless earbuds - maybe for just 30-second. Where do you store your earbuds during that brief moment? And for 30 seconds, you need to carry the case around all day long. When in a hurry, fumbling to dig out the case, accurately slot the earbuds in, then only to repeat the whole process in reverse 30 seconds later is an awkward business for a busy lifestyle.

PodChain Pro the world's first wearable charger for Airpods

PODCHAIN PRO is a disruptive design that solves just that problem and more - it charges your AirPods on the go as well. It is a smarter way to carry and charge your AirPods.

So leave the bulky charging case behind and relax. PODCHAIN PRO will keep track of your AirPods for you.

Visit our website: www.podchainpro.com

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