Ring Stand Holder | MAGRING (MagSafe Compatible)


Supporting You at Infinite Angles

The brand new ultra-thin magnetic ring holder MagRing easily attaches and detaches to your phone with MagSafe, letting your phone stand at infinite angles.

Whether you’re having a video call or watching a movie, leaving your phone on the table or holding it on hands - MagRing can hold the phone at any angle you desire, giving you infinite flexibility and convenience.

Simply put your finger through the ring and your phone is safe and secure in your hand.

Ultra-thin Elegant Design - made with aluminium just 4mm thick and attaches to your phone seamlessly.

Powerful Magnetic Force - the strong magnetic feature ensures it attaches to the back of your phone securely, but not stuck on your phone permanently either.

360° Rotation Stand - MagRing can rotate 360°, letting you switch between portrait and landscape mode easily for versatile viewing angles.

Adjust in any angle tightly - the ring can pull to adjust in any angle to fit your needs, acting as a firm foundation for support.

Hold your phone hassle-free - whether you’re travelling on the road or in bed, putting your finger through the ring will let you hold your phone single-handedly without worrying about it slipping out.

Compatible with MagSafe iPhone 12 or later model.

Available in Metallic Grey and Sliver.


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