Planeta Leather Smartphone Strap- Saturn (Light Brown)


Quiet Luxury Vibes

Ever a firm favourite in the fashion world, leather is synonymous with luxury, a perfect material to convey an understated elegance when made with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Our brand-new Planeta smartphone strap is made with top-quality leather, transforming your smartphone accessories into a fashion item. From its meticulous tailoring to a range of exquisite colour combinations, no detail is too trivial in its creation, offering an effortless sense of luxury fit for all occasions.

Featuring a new patented stainless steel PhoneLock Click component made with durability and strength in mind, Planeta is compatible with almost all smartphones, and the strap is adjustable in length, offering great flexibility as you put together your outfit of the day.

Exquisite Material x First-Class Craftsmanship

Planeta is made with top-quality leather of optimal softness and meticulous tailoring to create an understated, unique and elegant smart phone leather strap. It is practical as well as comfortable, an elegant fashion statement that is luxurious but not flamboyant.

Top quality leather: Planeta comes with two choices of materials: genuine leather and microfibre leather, both of which luxurious and soft to touch with optimal stiffness. Its timeless design makes it a versatile match for a wide range of outfits.

Superb craftsmanship: From cutting, stitching, edge finishing through to the buckle, every aspect of its creation has been given our utmost attention. The thicker shoulder part of the straps is design for extra comfortable wearing, and our dedication to quality means that every joint and stitching are meticulously executed.

Alchemy of Colours: Planeta comes with 8 stunning colour combinations – 4 for the genuine leather range and another 4 for the microfiber leather range. Each colour combination is uniquely created, with the colours of the back, stitching and edge finishing carefully selected to complement the warm tone of the front of the double-layer leather strap. Every colour combination is a unique expression of a minimalist sophistication, conveying a sense of quiet luxury integral to our Planeta collection.

The understated luxury of Planeta effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to every occasion, be it a busy day in the office, an important business meeting, a formal banquet, or a day in town meeting friends, making it a perfect companion for any sophisticated personal style.

Colours (Genuine Leather):

  • Pluto (Blue)
  • Luna (Purple)
  • Eclipse (Black)
  • Venus (Orange)

Colours (Microfiber Leather):

  • Jupiter(Brown Red)
  • Mercury(Dusty Grey)
  • Sun(Yellow)
  • Saturn(Light Brown)

Embodying timeless, sophisticated design that is elegant and unassuming, Planeta is an ideal option for the expression of your personal style and our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Works with All Phone Cases

Our ingenious new design works with any phone case that has a small charging hole.

PhoneLock Click – Elegant, Patented Design with Enhanced Durability

Planeta and Yoggle Click are paired with the new connector PhoneLock Click, using stainless steel for enhanced strength, durability and top performance against the wear and tear of daily use. The fresh new invention is lighter in weight as well as feel with its elegant design.

It is super simple to clip and unclip the connector. Our innovative patented design is made with usability in mind, so that connecting and disconnecting the phone with the strap is simply one click away, without ever blocking the charging hole.

One Strap Fits All with Adjustable Length

Adjustable between 120cm and 138cm, Planeta is an essential smart phone accessory for all.

Inside this Pack- Saturn (Light Brown)

  • 1x Leather Strap (Microfiber Leather, adjustable from 120-138cm)
  • 1x PhoneLock Click

    The name Planeta, the Latin word for Planet, was inspired by the subtle luminance created by the unique texture of the strap. The 8 colours of the product also evoke the wonder of the planets and the outer space: Pluto, Luna, Eclipse, Venus, Jupiter Mercury, Sun and Saturn, each adding a subtle elegance to your look of the day.


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