Yoggle Hand- Wrist Strap Convertible | The Chaplin (Golden Black)


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More than a Wrist Strap

Yoggle Hand is your perfect wrist phone strap made with top quality woven thread and exceptional craftsmanship. A fashion statement in your hand, the strap comes with 4 amazing colours and a perfect texture that are delightful to see as well as to touch.

This unique and versatile design works seamlessly with all phone cases, and you can easily switch the shorter wrist strap out for a longer crossbody strap to suit your outfit or purpose.


Our inventive design works with all phone cases that has a small charging hole.


Each Yoggle Hand strap was meticulously woven together with top quality threads to create 4 unique shades of colours. The texture and pattern are originally designed by our studio and made to the highest level of craftsmanship:

  • The Gilmore (Blue Green)- NEW COLOUR
  • The Chaplin (Golden Black)
  • The Attenborough (Yellow Brown)
  • The McCartney (Brown Red)Incredibly versatile, Yoggle Hand adds a touch of understated sophistication to your outfit, be it earth-tone, monochrome or boldly colourful.

    The strap of Yoggle Hand is now interchangeable, which means you can connect your Yoggle Hand Y-Tube with the long crossbody Yoggle Change strap. Simply change the strap connected to the Y-Tube connector by loosing and tightening the screw twist mechanism.What’s more, Yoggle Change comes with an amazing range of 11 colours to complement your mood and outfit of the day:

    • The Goodall (Yellow Grey)
    • The Gilmore (Blue Green)
    • The Wes (Muted Pink Pastel)
    • The Lennon (Muted Pine)

      By getting a Yoggle Hand, you can wear it as a wrist phone strap, or across your body by changing to the long crossbody strap Yoggle Change. Great flexibility and style in one. 

      UPGRADED LOCK AND GO - PhoneLock Pro2

      Yoggle Hand is now built with the upgraded and improved PhoneLock Pro2, an innovative design using a T-shape rotatable ball connector and an advanced turn-and-lock mechanism made with stainless steel.

      In this new version, the ball connector is optimised for extra durability and performance, ensuring your Yoggle Hand will remain your trusted companion to carry your phone in style each and every day.

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