Where the journey began I

Founded just over a decade ago, M.Craftsman has established a core repertoire in high quality, design driven mobile accessories. When AirPods came to the market, many other brands began to sell accessories for the AirPods, mostly in form of protective cases.


We love AirPods, however as users ourselves, we found that carrying around the storage case is a rather clumsy affair - whenever we need to briefly and quickly take off our AirPods, we find ourselves fumbling through our bags and pockets, to dig it out, only to reserve the process 30 seconds later, and inevitably lost them, we got a better idea: 

Putting the earbuds in the case should NOT be the only way to charge and store them. There should be a more convenient and elegant solution.

PodChain Pro the world's first wearable charger for Airpods

That’s how PodChain Pro- the world’s first wearable charger for Airpods got started…(to be continue)