Where the journey began II

From the day we got this idea, our R&D engineers and designers had been working together day and night to make this idea a reality. We want to make the parts as small and precise as possible, in line with the clean design and outstanding technology behind the Airpods.

PodChain Pro the world's first wearable charger for Airpods

The MagLock Charging System used as the connecting component for PodChain Pro is not the cheapest nor the easiest to make, because of the structural complexity and technical challenge, but we persisted because we believe it is what makes PodChain Pro truly outstanding.

After a year, we are so happy this product will be launched very soon and the MagLock Charging System now a patent pending creation. We choose to first launch it on IndieGogo early next year, because we believe that this crowdfunding campaign can let more people around the world know about this product.

We have the vision, ambition, as well as the expertise to make this product a success. By introducing a seemingly small change to people’s habits in the way they enjoy music, we believe this invention will bring that extra little bit of convenience, beauty and bliss into people’s lives.

After all, isn’t that what technology should do for us?